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Home Workouts: Look Dashing Without Spending

A fit body inspires confidence. To look like a movie star is all that the people of today want. To attain the body goals, one has to put in maximum efforts. Exercising is very important if you want a healthy and an awesome body.

An incredible advantage of the Internet era is that you can learn almost anything without having to go to class. And learning includes workouts too.

You do not need to shell out an enormous amount of fees for a personal trainer nor do you have to get a membership at the nearest gym.

Working out at home is a popular new exercise trend.

The Question Why

There are a number of reasons why working out at home is the best.

But here are a few to start with:

  • You get to be the boss; no more listening to a trainer yelling
  • Train at your convenience, anytime, anywhere
  • You get to wear old, comfy sweat pants
  • Can exercise without having to feel self-conscious
  • It’s absolutely free!

A Firm Start

It is always advised by the experts to start with a plan. The secret of every fit person is not to do things halfway.

If it is a fit and thin body you want, you absolutely have to work for it; be it at the gym or home.

Keep A Diary

This is actually a moot point, since who uses diaries these days anyway?

But there are mobile apps with which you can keep track of your journey. These apps can also help you keep up with all the new exercise trends.

Stir Up A Recipe Of Fun

The hardest part about working out is that it is boring when you consider the more enjoyable things that you can do, like eat or sleep.

The best way to beat the workout boredom is by making the work out as fun as possible. Music always helps.

Competition with your best friend can make workouts easier. Bet on yourself; it will give you an incentive.

Think of a number of creative ways that will make it impossible for you to be lazy about home exercising.

Cardio Is The Most Important

You may get into exercising thinking about weight loss and a sexier body. But do not forget to include at least 30 minutes of cardio into your everyday routine.

It not only increases the effectiveness of the whole regime but also gives a boost to your health.

Minimal Equipment

It is a misconception that you need machines for working out. You can get your dream body without having to buy those huge and expensive machines.

They sure can help, but you may end up not using them at all after the first few weeks. So why risk such a big investment?

Also, all these new exercise trends that flood the Internet every week promote exercise for common people, using as little equipment as possible.

All you need is space and a support bar, and you are good to go!

Diet, But Don’t Starve For The New Exercise Trends!

The beauty of home workouts lies in the method of trial and error. This applies for diets too.

While following a workout regime to achieve a goal, you need to follow a healthy diet plan. As different as everyone is, a newfound diet that you have tried may not have worked for you. But don’t give up.

Use the internet to find out more about your body type. Then try finding the best kind of foods that you can eat. Keep a record of everything that you eat and your fitness levels of each week.

It may take some time, but you will find the right kind of diet plan that will not only be effective but which you will enjoy eating as well. You can also incorporate supplements into your diet. The experts at have a superb guide detailing the best protein powder for women.

YouTube Is A Great Teacher

The many videos put up on the YouTube network are for your benefit. There is a diverse range of home exercises. You can use those as you go. Find a combination of exercises that you can enjoy. Work that body till you are happy with yourself.

The Disadvantages

  • Some of you may lack the dedication required for home workout sessions.
  • Maybe you are motivated by the idea of not wasting money. So working out at home lacks the incentive of a yearlong gym membership.
  • If it’s the machines that you want, then going to the gym will be way cheaper than buying them.
  • Some exercises are not safe without a professional trainer.

But Do Not Stop!

Do not think about anything else while working out except that you want to reach your ultimate goal.

  • Consistency is more important than speed.
  • Home workouts are flexible and entertaining if you follow the new trends of exercise.
  • Keep mixing it up and you will get where you want in very less time.
  • A positive outlook towards what you are doing and hard work are what you need.


power nap

The Benefits Of Power Naps

Many question the importance of power naps. Some say they have no benefits while others would beg to differ.

What Are Power Naps And Why Do We Need Them?

power nap

A power nap is a short nap taken at any time of the day to recharge yourself or to combat sleep deprivation.

It may be that you were out last night partying till 2 am, but you have got work the next day.

What many do is take naps during the day or after work to recover from the lack of sleep they’ve gotten the day before.

Even well rested people like taking power naps because it helps energize a person and like mentioned above, a well-rested man works more effectively and efficiently.

Scientific Benefits of Power Naps

scientific benefits

According to research conducted by an American University, power naps help reduce stress, cholesterol, and even heart-related diseases.

The body regenerates cells and fixes or builds up body tissue during this time. Even those who like to work out need enough sleep to help recover their muscles.

It does not matter who you are or what you do; a power nap will always benefit you. Even the president of America needs power naps to make good decisions and function efficiently.

When To Take Power Naps

1 to 4 pm

It is advised to take a power nap between 1 and 4 pm during the day.

You should switch your cell phone off during this time and relax your mind. If you have difficulty taking a nap just close your eyes and think about something pleasant. Do not think about work because the thought of work will scare away any chances of you falling asleep.

Also, try napping in a dark and comfortable room. The light will only distract you, and a warm fuzzy bed will be an added bonus.

How Long Should A Power Nap Last For?

A power nap has no definite time. It can last between 15 to 40 minutes sometimes an hour or even more.

The drawback of a long power nap is that you are bound to feel groggy or more tired after the nap. That is why it is advised to take a nap of 30 to 40 minutes.

It is also important to note that you should not force yourself to get up at an instant. Take some time in getting up, unless you are in a hurry or late for a meeting.

Cognitive Benefits of Power Naps

brain power

There are a couple of cognitive benefits of taking power naps as well such as

  • It ensures better performance.
  • It makes you more alert.
  • It helps in learning for a test or midterms.
  • It helps with your memory.

Other Health Benefits of Napping

According to a study carried out by researchers, napping helps regulate blood pressure. Patients suffering from high or low blood pressure should take frequent naps.

Naps also help deal with cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits Of Napping For Children

napping child

Children are advised to take power naps as well because it helps them reenergize after a rough day and their cells build up during that time.

  • It also has a great effect on their learning ability and short-memory.
  • Other than that it helps them deal with anxiety as well.
  • It helps boost willpower in both adults and kids.
  • Cognitive processing and creativity are also boosted with the help of power naps.

What To Do If You Cannot Nap

unable to nap

That is the situation most of the times. When you want to nap, you cannot because of some reason or the other.

It is advised to lie on a bed, close your eyes and breathe in and out for a couple of times.

Keep your thoughts positive and avoid thinking or stressing about work or any other issue that has you all worked up.

Keep your phone on silent or turn it off because you do not want to be disturbed during your naptime.

Drawbacks of Not Getting Enough Sleep

sleepless night

If you are one of those people who don’t get enough sleep and also do not get time to nap, you are going to notice that you are not as patient as before, or you cannot think properly.

In some cases, you might feel quite vulnerable, anxious, and moody and your judgment and reaction time may be prolonged.

These are the drawbacks of not getting a proper nap.

Researchers also advise us not to drink caffeine because it messes up our system sometimes.

A cup a day isn’t bad, but caffeine in the coffee raises your metabolism rate to a certain level then suddenly depletes your energy levels causing you to feel tired and moody.

Well-Rested Body Is The Key To Proper Functioning!

It is also important to understand your bod. If you are tired and want to nap, listen to your body.

Do not overwork yourself and take a nap.

Man can only function when his body is well rested and functional.

Knee Pain

Top 5 Home Remedies For Arthritis Knee Pain

Arthritis is a condition, commonly seen in the elderly population, affecting the joints and the cartilage present between the joint spaces. It is broadly categorized as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, where former can be defined as degeneration of cartilage and, if the wear and tear mechanism is observed in synovial membrane, then it is known as rheumatoid arthritis.

While osteoarthritis affects any joint, generally hip, knee and spine, rheumatoid arthritis is a condition more prevalent in small joints. Either of them is accompanied with swelling, pain, stiffness and deformity.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a rich source of magnesium, which is an important nutrition for bone growth and absorption of calcium. While taking hot water bath, three cups of this salt can be added to help in relieving muscle ache, stiffness and soothing the body.

One can also use Epsom salt, by mixing its three tablespoons in three tablespoons of fresh lime juice in a pint of warm water. One teaspoon of this mixture should be taken twice in a day. Patients with pre-existing heart and kidney disease should use this only on the advice of doctor.

Flax Seed

Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, due to the presence of omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to produce prostaglandins that help in reduction of inflammation. One can directly consume a tablespoon of flax seeds directly, thrice in a day or can ground the seeds and add to any of the food preparations.

Flax seed oil is it’s another form which one can take to alleviate symptoms and should be taken on the same lines as flax seed. One can also prepare food using this oil.

Cinnamon Benefits

Cinnamon Benefits

Excruciating pain is a common complaint of arthritis patient and cinnamon acts like a natural pain killer, according to certain studies. Combining half teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one tablespoon of honey can quickly relieve pain within a month if consumed on a regular basis.

One should remember to take this remedy every morning before breakfast for quick and effective results.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is beneficial oil that assists in curing pain and inflammation, often a manifestation seen in arthritis patients. Similar to flax seed oil, it is rich in anti inflammatory properties. Apart from this, the cod liver oil is known to decrease the pace at which the cartilage degeneration takes place, in adults due to excessive weight bearing, overuse, obesity, and so on.

One to two teaspoons of cod liver oil should be consumed daily for rapid relief.

Strengthen Muscles

Muscle Strengthening

The condition commonly affects the knee muscles, especially quadriceps making them weak. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen this muscle to prevent further weakening and disuse. Quadriceps strengthening can be done placing a towel roll under the knee and pressing it by the knee, in a way that you feel the muscle bulk above the knee to be tightened.

Press the roll till for ten seconds and then release. The exercise should be done three times in a day and ten repetitions should be practiced at a time. A hot water fomentation over the knee prior to exercise is remarkable.


Why discipline and hard work help you to lose weight?

Discipline and hard work can help you lose weight. Without these two elements, if will be very difficult for you to lose weight. Here are the reasons why.

  1. When you see a jar full of sweets, you feel like opening it. But if you are disciplined, you will be able to hold yourself back from opening it. Discipline can control your mind and your brain. So, there is less chance that you will do something that you are not supposed to do.
  2. Discipline will keep you in a routine. If you are disciplined then you will stick to the diet plan you have started and continue going to the gym.
  3. If you are disciplined, you will eat on time and sleep on time. You will also be able to control the amount of food you intake each day.
  4. If you work hard, your body gets exhausted and you lose fat. So, you eventually lose weight. Even when you are working out in a gym or at home, you should try to level up your goals. Work harder and you will burn more fat.
  5. When you work hard, you actually forget to eat in between meals. Therefore, you eat less the whole day and so lose more weight.

So, you should try to be disciplined and hard working. You will start losing weight unconsciously. You will also be happy and healthy.


5 unknown facts about health and weight loss

Most people now know what helps you to lose weight and keep you healthy. But here are some unknown facts about health and weight loss that many people don’t know.

1. Stress makes you fat

If you are on stress, your craving for carbohydrate rich foods increase. These calm down your stress hormones. Stress hormones also increase your fat storage. So, when you are in stress, you should make time for yoga class or do something that will help you release your stress.

2. Mom’s Pregnancy

If a mom consumes sugary and fatty foods during the time of pregnancy, then the child that is born will become obese. This is because pregnant woman who are overweight have high levels of free fatty acids and glucose floating around her womb. These affect the developing brain of the child. It upsets the appetite control of the child.

3. Sleep more to lose more

If you sleep more then you will lose weight. When you sleep more, you have more sense of fullness and so you lose weight. If you don’t get enough sleep, it upsets your hormone balance and so triggers hunger.

4. Your spouse’s weight matters

If you see your spouse losing weight, you will start feeling jealous. This is because your spouse will look good and will get a lot of attention; whereas, you will be left alone. If your spouse lose weight by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet then you will start doing the same to come to the same level. Jealousy, therefore, can help you lose weight.

5. Ear infections make you crave for sugary food

People having ear infections are more likely to like fatty foods and sweets. The damaged nerve causes them to sense more sweetness and fattiness. So, if you had ear infections in childhood and you are overweight, then you should watch out your food habit.

Interesting, isn’t it? Keep these facts in mind. These will help you to lose weight besides your diet and workouts.



3 foods you should never eat again

You should avoid certain food when you are trying to lose weight. These foods are unhealthy as they contain a lot of calories. Here are 3 foods you must avoid.

1. White bread


White bread is a staple food for many people. But it has no nutritional value. White bread has lot of sugar which increases your calorie intake. On the other hand, it cannot satisfy your hunger. So, you will feel like eating again after some time. People end up eating large quantities of white bread and slowly start to gain weight. You must replace your white bread with whole grain bread or tortillas.

2. Fried foods


Fried foods are not healthy at all. They increase your weight and have very low nutritional value. Eating fried foods for many years can cause serious health problems. You might have higher blood pressure and higher cholesterol. These reduce your cardiovascular health and so increase your chance of strokes or any heart disease. Fried foods are also bad for your digestive system. You might suffer from cramps or gas pains. If you are serious about losing weight, then you should never fry meals in a pan. Consider broiling or baking instead. Totally avoid eating french fries, fried chicken, and doughnuts.

3. White rice


White rice is a very common food. It is chosen to accompany meat dishes. Most people think that white rice has good nutritional value. But it is not true. White rice simply builds up excess fat. You should instead eat brown rice which is full of fiber and high nutritional value. High fiber foods make you full and you won’t be hungry for a long time.

The foods just mentioned are very hard to avoid. White bread and white rice are too common foods to avoid. Whenever you are on the road, all you can see is fast food restaurants; so avoiding fried foods is also difficult. But if you are really determined to lose weight, then you can make this impossible task possible.