The Hashtag Tower, Korea

Korea plans hashtag-inspired skyscraper

With the rise of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where hashtags are used to highlight popular topics, the hashtag "#" symbol has gained a lot of traction in recent years. So in a way, the Cross # Towers planned for South Korea will be a self-contained neighbourhood that acts as a model for apartment buildings.

Known as The Cross # Towers (The Cross Hashtag Towers), these buildings will have interlocking horizontal and vertical towers. This proposed building will take modern architecture to a whole other level. 

The Hashtag Tower, Korea

What makes these towers even more distinctive is the fact that three public bridges connect them at different levels. 

(1) Underground, 

(2) at the Ground level and 

(3) In the sky.

To satisfy the desires of people from different age groups and cultures, the bridges are landscaped and provided for a variety of activities typically restricted to the ground. This apartment complex has been designed by Danish architects BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) to look like a hashtag. 

The architects could not plan taller buildings due to height restrictions, which is why they added the two bridging blocks to their proposals. 

The surface of both the bridging blocks will have roof gardens and a submerged courtyard will be provided below ground level. 

The Hashtag Tower, Korea

The towers will be located in the Yongsan International Business District, which was master planned by New York architects Studio Libeskind, and will provide more than 600 apartments, a kindergarten, a library and a gallery space. 

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